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Upholsterers & Loose Cover Maker FAQs

Can I run my own business?
Yes, your business is your own. We simply provide you with enough work to fill your spare capacity.

How long has Plumbs been working with subcontractor manufacturers ?
We started working with Plumbs Manufacturers in 1996. Out of the first 10 recruited 7 are still working with us.

What types and brands of fabric do you use?
All our Traditional loose covers and re upholstery orders are manufactured in rigid fabrics, cottons, linens and man-made fibres. We use fabrics from Sandersons, Swaffer and many others to produce our top end products.

What do I need to do to become a Plumbs reupholsterer or loose cover maker?
To become a Plumbs Manufacturer you need suitable work premises, all of the necessary equipment to produce loose covers/re-upholstery, your own transport, telephone, internet access, good customer relations and the ability to produce first class products.

How do I become a Plumbs Manufacturer?
In the first instance to find out payment rates and for further details, contact Margaret Worden on 01772 838392. One of our Regional Managers will visit you to discuss the possibility of working with us. If the joint discussion is a positive one, you will be asked to show us some examples of your work (Upholstery) or produce a sample (Loose Covers). If the work is of a good quality you can then begin working with us.

Do I have to sell?
No. The work you undertake is to produce the products. The sales are taken care of by our national network of Home Consultants. All the work you undertake for Plumbs is manufacturing, using your skills and craftsmanship to produce a top quality product.

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How big will the area be that I will cover?
That depends on how busy your area is, but all your orders will be within your part of the country and will reflect the agreed capacity.

How much will I get paid?
To find out payment rates and for further details contact Margaret Worden on 01772 838392.

When do I get paid?
We pay within 12 days of you completing the order.

What is the start up cost? 
Nothing at all. If you are already established producing re-upholstery and/or loose covers, you can start straight away. 

I have limited capacity, will that be a problem?
No, that’s not a problem. Whatever your spare capacity, we aim to utilise it. We offer consistent and regular work to give you peace of mind.

Can I earn any bonuses?
Yes. If you use the appropriate website to keep us informed of your order progress we will pay you up to an extra 3% of the normal order fee.

Am I expected to provide replacement seat cushions for orders?

For loose cover orders, it is not normal practice to replace the seat cushion interiors. However, if a customer does purchase new interiors we will provide them to you. With regard to re-upholstery, seat cushions are always replaced, unless the customer has instructed otherwise. Plumbs supply these to the upholsterer shortly after the order has been placed.

Do you provide patterns / templates for loose covers?

No. Traditional covers are tailored to the item of furniture in question. The loose cover maker is therefore responsible for his or her own measuring, cutting, sewing and fitting. Thus ensuring a perfect fit.

What quality control checks are made?
Following an initial discussion over the telephone, one of our Regional Managers would visit your premises to assess the suitability of your premises, equipment, transport and work.

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