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“After realising how much more money I was making from my own customers, compared to what the company paid me, I decided to go self-employed… ”

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Tim is a fantastic example of where you can get to with a lot of hard work and making the most of your opportunities. Watch the video below to see what Tim has to say…

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“School work experience placements can be a daunting prospect. Children take on the challenge with differing approaches. Some children do their best to impress, some quietly get their heads down and get on with whatever tasks they are given and some see it as a great way to get out of school for a couple of weeks. Whilst I don’t remember setting out to impress anyone, I wasn’t particularly a fan of school but I was a “doer”, so I think must have adopted the second of the three approaches. Whatever my attitude, I must have done something right, as it resulted in a job offer. Whilst others were stressing over what they were going to do if they failed their school exams, I didn’t have to.

I made it my mission to learn absolutely everything there was to learn about the upholstery trade. I worked hard, starting with the basics, then traditional upholstery methods and the modern. When I had mastered everything there was to know, I started completing the odd job outside of work for my own customers. Working the equivalent of two jobs meant the days were extremely long. I had little time for myself but I didn’t mind because I was making money. After realising how much more money I was making from my own customers, compared to what the company paid me, I decided that it made sense to go self-employed on a full-time basis.

Starting out with your own business venture is a bit like starting school work experience. It’s the first time you have experienced anything like it, it is the first time that you are on your own without the support of your peers and you have to learn as you go along. So it sounds daunting, just like school work experience, but it is also really exciting. Of course you feel afraid of what could go wrong but what is the worst thing that could happen? You go back to an employed position.

What if you were to eliminate the risk factor? That is exactly what I did. By carrying on with an employed position and sacrificing some of my personal time to complete work for my very own customers, I was testing one way of working against another. I was testing myself, testing the market and conducting research into which way of earning money suited me the best.

So how has it worked out? Better than expected! I hadn’t envisaged the prospect of working from a large unit, employing staff or my wife being able to give up her job so that she could help me out – which is exactly what has happened. I had just thought about me. My initial plan was just to

work from home and to provide me with enough work to keep me busy. I was just going to work around my local area. However, when you discover there is a demand for what you do and there is money out there that you could be earning if only you could clone yourself, that’s when you start thinking of the bigger picture.

The future that I now envisage for myself has changed massively. I am now the person who can give the school leaver the chance of a career.”



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